About Sensible Meals

Sensible Meals provides fresh, affordable chef prepared meals. The five meal options are perfectly portioned to help clients lose weight or maintain their healthy weight.

Meals are prepared each week in our fully licensed, certified, and insured facility with an A+ health rating. We have 10 free pickup locations near our facility in Louisiana and we also ship nationally to all 48 states for the lowest shipping rates in the country.

About Ingrid Rinck

Ingrid Rinck of Sensible Meals

CEO Ingrid Rinck, a personal trainer with over two decades of expertise in the health and fitness industry, is known as the go to person for women’s weight loss at her two packed fitness facilities on the Northshore. In 2014, Ingrid launched a healthy meal service called Sensible Meals. Within two years, Ingrid would find herself leading the fastest growing and largest meal prep business in the entire country based in Louisiana.


As more clients began utilizing her service and witnessing quick results, demand for her portion-controlled, prepared meals grew. A perceptive entrepreneur, Ingrid began fine-tuning her business plan. At this point a 33 year-old single mother of three, Ingrid opened her giant prep facility in Mandeville which is fully licensed, certified, insured and has an A+ health rating. Her team of chefs, sous chefs and meal preppers follow her carefully detailed menus each week to give clients portion-controlled meals that are packed with nutrition. Some fun meals that clients can expect to enjoy are a New Orleans favorite red beans and rice and chocolate chip waffles!


There is zero customizing on this plan and clients are often thankful for trying new foods they had rejected in prior diets. Choices are pre-determined to conform to appropriate calorie count. Ingrid often recites her favorite quote when a picky eater questions the rule about not being able to choose meals, “Do you think Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez like everything they eat? I can guarantee you they don’t! They eat for the body and the health they want!” This simple statement hits home and clients are happy for that push by the personal trainer turned meal prep entrepreneur.


Sensible Meals’ key is a smart mix of clean “diet” foods with comfort “fun” foods at affordable prices to help clients stick to the program. Simple portion-controlled meals made with fresh ingredients for people whose life does not revolve around meal planning or have the funds to hire a private chef. It is a lifestyle anyone can stick with!

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