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by SARAH KENNEMER on November 1, 2018

INGRID RINCK, a self-made entrepreneur and CEO of Sensible Meals, has been helping people eat healthier and achieve their weight loss goals since 2014. A personal trainer for 20 years, Rinck found her passion for fitness at the early age of fifteen. Within a year after joining a fitness class, she found herself teaching the exact same class where her aptitude for physical health began. Today, Rinck owns the largest meal preparation company in the United States.

From humble beginnings, Ingrid was a single mother with two young children and a baby running a personal training business. During that time her 8-year-old son Rock was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This diagnosis changed everything. Rinck began to meal prep for her son, focusing on nutrition and learning everything she could about enhancing health through food. She altered her family’s diet, and in the process she lost weight herself. Friends and clients noticed her results. “They saw my success with portion-controlled meals that I created for my son and wanted me to replicate the meals for them. And that’s how my business started,” she said.

As a single mother and businesswoman, some days she worked anywhere from 15 to 18 hours, prepping meals while trying to keep up with the influx of orders. Sensible Meals took off so quickly that it became bigger than she had anticipated. Seeking the counsel of her father, a former restaurant owner, she took his advice and opened a prep facility. Within a short time, her business began to grow and flourish even more. With the support of her father who helped with operations, Rinck had the opportunity to focus on her true passion — marketing her business and helping her clients achieve better health.

Rinck is enthusiastic about teaching people that weight loss and physical fitness are not impossible and are very attainable. “It’s about doing it right most of the time and having fun some of the time,” she said. “We give our clients some basic diet meals and built-in Louisiana cooking cheat meals so they don’t feel deprived, frustrated and quit. We keep it affordable and we offer live assistance 12 hours a day. I even do live chats on social media once a month.” The company’s packaged meals are freshly prepared and free of preservatives. Ingrid’s mantra has been “moderation, not deprivation.”

Through Sensible Meals, Rinck has created more than 1,200 jobs in the workforce with 98 percent of the employees being women. An astounding 95 percent of them are mothers, with 75 percent of those employees being single moms. “I was once a single mom on a limited income and I understand what it means to have support when you need it,” said Rinck. “People working for me believe in this business as much as I do. It’s important and I know they want to help me take care of my business, so I trust them.” Today, she finds innovative ways to help struggling families, whether it be through nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross, American Heart Association, Type 1 diabetes or other charitable organizations. Rinck’s philanthropy extends beyond big nonprofits, and overflows to the people of our community. Sensible Meals raised over a half a million dollars in donations in 2017 to benefit local families and Type 1 diabetes. “Average donations were anywhere between $1,500 to $15,000. For example, we may help a single mom pay for her first year of college or give a mother the funds to help pay for medical supplies that her child needs.” Rinck said. “I like to see where the money is going. The thing that is different about us is people don’t know how charitable we are.” From donating to Louisiana nonprofits as well as reaching out to people in need in our community, Rinck seeks to empower and inspire other women. “People don’t see everything that we do. We keep it private while helping women in their time of need and don’t put their struggles on display,” she said.

Without a college degree, Ingrid relied on her grit, hard work, and determination. “I’m proof that you don’t need a degree to have success. It would have been nice, but it didn’t happen for me,” she said. Her sons Rhett, Rock, and her daughter Georgie keep her motivated. “I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished especially since I built it myself. I didn’t always have the right tools, but I have genuine passion and love for what I do and the people I interact with. I hope that comes through. I want to show my kids that if you have passion and drive, you can do anything.”

Sensible Meals corporate office is located at 5150 LA-22 in Mandeville. To learn more, follow @sensiblemeals on social media.

Ingrid Rinck Featured in Inside New Orleans Magazine

If you’ve haven’t heard of Sensible Meals, you will soon. It’s the fastest-growing and largest meal-prep company in the country,and it’s based in Mandeville, The business was started by 36-year-old entrepreneur Ingrid Rinck. A personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industries, Ingrid explains, ‘My clients would ask me how to eat and how to lose weight, and I would give them written meal plans. But there was only so much I could do since I couldn’t watch everything that they ate.”

In February 2014, Rinck received the devastating news that her young son had Type 1 Diabetes. She says, “It’s a very serious disease. He’s insulin dependent, and his diet has to be regulated or it can be life threatening. So, I made the decision that our whole family was going to change our diet, as well. That meant I really had to follow my own advice and weigh, measure and portion our food properly.”

Eating healthy, controlled portions, Rinck quickly lost the weight she gained while pregnant with her daughter—and an additional 45 pounds. Her clients, desirous of similar results, asked if she would cook for them. And that‘s how Sensible Meals was born.

Sensible Meals offers fresh, affordable (15 meals for five days costs $80 to $120), chef-prepared meals made in a licensed, certified and insured facility with an A+ health rating. Rinck describes the food: “The meals are half diet food and half fun food. We give you things like macaroni and cheese or waffles topped with Nutella.”

The company has just finished building another facility in Hammond. Sensible Meals provides live assistance to its customers from 9 am to 9 pm (Central Time), seven days a week, 365 days a year. It is the only meal-prep company that does this. “We have staff available to answer your questions within an hour. Whether it’s a billing question or you need motivation, you can contact us through our social media sites (@sensiblemeals) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.”

As a local company, it’s important to Rinck to support Louisiana and the regional economy. “All of our employees, even our vendors—the people from whom we buy our food products—are local. We try to keep our resources in Louisiana rather than buy from the big national brands.”

The breakdown of Sensible Meals’ workforce is 98 percent women, of whom 90 percent are moms, As a former single mother of three, Rinck says, “I don’t hire people based on their résumé. I hire them based on their work ethic. If you’re a single mom, I know that you’re going to be the hardest worker because you have no one else to rely on.”

Rinck never imagined herself at the helm of such a large enterprise and doesn’t take her success lightly. “This is a passion project, and it started because of my son’s illness. I tell him every day that his tragedy is turning into triumph not only for our family, but for people all over the country. It’s changing people’s lives for the better.”

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Inside the Industry: Entrepreneur – Weight Loss Meals

As owner and CEO of the largest meal preparation program in the country, Ingrid Rinck knows what it means to be a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. With over two decades of expertise in the health and fitness industry, she is known as the go-to person for women’s weight loss at her two fitness facilities on the Northshore.

In 2014, Ingrid launched a healthy meal service called Sensible Meals, an intentional mix of clean “diet” foods with comfort “fun” foods at affordable prices. As more clients began utilizing her service and witnessing quick results, demand for her portion-controlled, prepared meals grew. A perceptive entrepreneur, Ingrid began fine-tuning her business plan and at the age of 33 and a single mother of three, she opened her giant prep facility in Mandeville. Her team of chefs, sous chefs and meal preparers followed her carefully detailed menus each week to give clients portion-controlled meals that are packed with nutrition. In just two years, she has found herself leading the fastest-growing and largest meal prep business in the entire country based right here in Louisiana.

As the company continues to grow, so does the Sensible Meals workforce, which is made up of 98 percent women, with a large part being mothers and single mothers. Ingrid has created hundreds of local jobs to keep up with the growth in her kitchens and corporate offices, along with her ambassadors, in addition to the growth of other local companies she works with regularly. The company now serves thousands of clients with nationwide shipping and local pickup locations in 10 cities including: Metairie, Mandeville, Slidell, Houma, Hammond, Gonzales, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Westwego and Biloxi, Mississippi.

Under the expert direction of Ingrid, Sensible Meals boasts countless testimonials from clients, many who have faced challenges such as diabetes, PCOS and insulin resistance, and have tried every diet. They are amazed at what portion control has done for their health and they continue to meet and exceed their goals through the Sensible Meals program. Through her leadership and business savvy, Ingrid is helping our local economy grow and waistlines shrink!