Client before and after pictures and testimonials.

Johonnah Metzel

  • 23 years old
  • 6 lbs lost in 3 weeks
  • 4 year old daughter
  • Office Administrator
    • I was eating fast food 3 times a day and made the decisions to join Sensible Meals to eat healthier. I’ve lost 6 pounds and even more inches! It’s more than I expected. SM has been nothing but positives for me since day 1″

Jenny Comeaux

  • Age: 33yrs old
  • Weight Loss: 23 lbs in 9 weeks
  • Family:3 kids
  • Stay at home mom

“I really could just cry right now. I knew the scale was moving but to see side by side is unreal! Nothing has ever worked for me and this is possibly the easiest thing I have ever done! So thankful I stumbled upon this one day scrolling through Facebook! 23 pounds and counting..”

Anna Blanchard

  • Weight Loss: 30lbs.
  • Age: 20
  • Family: 1 Child
  • Occupation: Teacher

“I’ve lost 30 pounds but I’ve gained my self confidence back! Thank you to Sensible Meals for teaching me portion control and learning to love myself again.”

Scott Angle

  • Weight Loss: 23lbs.
  • Age: 41
  • Family: Father and Husband
  • Occupation: Traveling Benefits Specialist

“I love how easy it is. I simply eat the delicious food that comes in the mail every Thursday and the fact that it’s all delicious helps a lot!”

Chassidy Richard Applegate

  • Weight Loss: 12lbs. in 3 weeks
  • Age: 31
  • Family: 1 Child
  • Occupation: Practice manager for two OBGYN’s

“I love the meals because it doesn’t even feel like I’m on a diet and they are so convenient!”

Krystle Cardner

  • Weight Loss: 13lbs. in 1 month
  • Age: 30
  • Occupation: Dental Assistant

“Sensible Meals had helped me change my lifestyle and eating habits that severely needed to be changed! Thank you so much!!!”

Bree Barnett

  • Weight Loss: 25lbs. in 3 months
  • Age: 35
  • Family: 2 Children
  • Occupation: Dental Hygienist

“I’m a super busy wife and mom to a 3 and 4yr old and needed the convenience to keep from hitting up fast food for every meal! This food is delicious and I’m crazy shocked at how easy the weight has come off! Only 15 more pounds to my goal weight!!!”

Ashley Miller

  • Weight Loss: 25lbs. in 6 weeks
  • Age: 32
  • Family: 5 Children
  • Occupation: Boutique Owner/Designer

“My kids and husband need me more than I need the trash I was putting into my body for so long. I can’t say it’s been easy but it’s been so worth it. Being confident is something no one can give you but yourself, and It’s the best present I’ve ever given myself!”

Lindsay Cambre

  • Weight Loss: 35lbs.
  • Age: 34
  • Family: 3 Children
  • Occupation: Owner of Cambre Counseling & Wellness, LPC, and School Counselor

“As a busy mom and professional, I was constantly putting my health last. Sensible Meals is the first program I could realistically stick to and achieve the weight loss I dreamt of. The convenience of having meals prepared for me helped me to maximize my time AND re-set my metabolism. Discovering SM has changed my life”

Trish Little

  • Weight Loss: 20lbs.
  • Age: 3o
  • Family: 3 Children
  • Occupation: RN in a School System

“I was never able to loose my “baby weight” or stick to a diet. Sensible Meals makes it so easy to follow a diet and actually stick to it”

Rhonda Gillard

  • Weight Loss: 26lbs.
  • Age: 42
  • Family: 2 Children
  • Occupation: Assistant Principal

“My weight had spiraled out of control and eating right took a lot of thought and preparation that my busy life just didn’t have time to commit to. It was time to make a change and Sensible Meals was the perfect solution! I love the “moderation not deprivation” approach as it continues to allow me to eat the foods I love! 26 lbs lighter and 14lbs away from my ultimate goal has proven that portion control is key! Thank you Sensible Meals for helping me get back that lady on the right!”

Lacie Heidbrink

  • Weight Loss: 22lbs. in 13 weeks
  • Age: 34
  • Occupation: Legal Assistant

“Sensible Meals are delicious and convenient! The perfect combination of healthy and fun meals is what keeps me on track. SM easily converts into a lifestyle of healthy, portioned controlled eating.”