Client before and after pictures and testimonials.

Sara Tweedy

“It’s the best decision I have ever made. I’m a PCOS success story and I’m thrilled to have my health under control! Thanks for giving me the tools I need to succeed, Sensible Meals team! “

Simone Cavalier

“I thought I was happy in the pictures on top that was before I had a baby, and gained the “Freshman 15″ in college… fast forward to pictures on the bottom 5 months on Sensible Meals and 1 year after I had a baby, graduated college, and 47lbs lighter. I am healthier, I feel better, and the happiest I ever been! I used to skip breakfast and sometimes lunch and just eat fast food at night because I didn’t want to cook just for myself. Now I eat my three Sensible Meals a day and hardly ever grab a bite on the road. Not only did it help me lose baby weight plus more but it’s so convenient.”

Julie Coker

“My weight is fluctuated over the years. I was able to lose the weight after the first two children, but after the last one I just couldn’t shake it. I’ve been on the meals since April 2016 in the first 4 weeks I lost 23 pounds I’m down a total of 50 and maintaining at the moment. The convenience of the meals are perfect for my busy lifestyle as a mobile massage therapist. Sensible Meals by far is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.”

Kayla Luker

“Being a mom of a rowdy 3 year old and also a full time worker – there was no room or patience left in me to eat right and calorie count . I ate whatever was quick and easy. I finally decided to give Sensible Meals a chance . The food was delicious, the price was affordable and most important to me – I didn’t have to overthink it. The hard part was done for me . Now after 5 months on the meals, I’m 40lbs down and only 15lbs away from my goal ? Best decision I ever made . I finally decided to do something for myself and I’m thankful I found Sensible Meals when I did!”

Hallie Edwards

“I have been on the meals for two months and down almost 20 pounds! I was tired of making my own food and never knowing what I was doing! I have a full time job, 3 kids, and a husband who works 60 + hours a week.. you just have to do things for yourself sometimes and this was FOR ME”

Whitney Andrus

“Insulin Resistant and Thyroid troubles, plus being a new step-mom, mom to a baby…I was tired. I knew how to meal prep and work out…I just couldn’t. I was so tired and so in my own head. Four months with Sensible Meals and 40 pounds later. A1-C great and energy level through the roof.”

Kayla Gilchrist

Congratulations Kayla Gilchrist on winning $1,000 cash in our before and after contest!

Dannielle Buras Sylve

“I am down 27lbs since May 9th, 2016 thanks to Sensible Meals. I tried plenty of diets, diet pills, and shakes. This is by far the easiest and healthiest program I have ever done.”

George “Tyrus” Murdoch

George is 165lbs down on our meals and powerlifted the entire time. Men do our double protein option during weightloss and athletes add in shakes or supplements to reach their desired macros.