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It’s tough to follow a meal plan in Metairie. Let's face it, you’re practically in New Orleans’ backyard, so that means it’s easy to find tempting foods from the lakefront all the way to Kenner. Plus, this is Saints territory, in fact, Metairie is home to a large part of the Who Dat Nation as well as the Saints offices and practice fields, so you can bet that all through football season there are parties, tailgating and other endless opportunities to feast and indulge! 

Pick up at 3200 Cleary Ave, Metairie, LA 70060 Sunday 11:00am - 1:00pm

Located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, this suburb of New Orleans started out over 200 years ago as a series of small farms along the old Metairie Bayou. Today, Metairie has developed into a hub of activity that makes it a great place for shopping and countless dining options. 


Areas like "Fat City," among others, boast a bustling nightlife, and one of Louisiana's oldest malls, Lakeside Shopping Center (which features a food court full of tempting options), can be found just a stone's throw away from the country's longest bridge (24 miles) over water, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. This area of Metairie also hosts many parades during carnival season as well as a massive party Mardi Gras Day, full of tempting treats like King cake and cocktails.


Then there are your regular daily activities, like working all week and then trying to balance social engagements with a variety of activities and spending time with family on the weekends. After all of these obligations, you probably want to do anything but cook; grabbing a quick bite at any one of the eclectic restaurants in the area probably seems much more appealing. 


Get ready for a convenient alternative to healthier eating in Metairie, LA.


Sensible Meals offers a convenient pickup option in the Metairie area, or you can choose to have delicious, portion-controlled meals that are pre-packaged and ready-to-eat delivered right to your front door for just $15.


Based right here in Southern Louisiana, Sensible Meals was designed by locals who know how challenging it is to eat healthy in a city where almost everything is covered in seasoning and fried. We’re also the largest meal prep program in the US.


You can select from our various meal plan options, each tailored to an array of weight-loss or training needs, as well as good options for different dietary restrictions.  Our paleo plans are a good choice if you need to follow a gluten-free diet or you have other food sensitivities.


You Can Eat the Food that You Love


Don’t worry, you can still eat the Louisiana foods that you love, like Jambalaya, gumbo, chicken and waffles, and mouth-watering seasoning; you’ll find them all pop up in the meals now and then.  The reason it works is that all of the meals are perfectly portioned, and take into account the goals that you want to reach. You can even bring them to work so you don’t have to hit the Lakeside Mall food court or other nearest fast food joint. 


Portions Matter


Ingrid Rinck founded Sensible Meals to give people a better way. She has spent the better part of her life working out and eating well and has also been a fitness trainer for more than 20 years. When her son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, she started cooking many of his meals and therefore was paying more attention to how important portion sizes were. This also showed just how out of control America was when it came to how much food we consume in one sitting. 


Ingrid decided that how much food people ate was crucial to a healthy eating plan and that people could still eat the foods they loved as long as they did so in moderation. Sometimes we might eat so fast that we don’t even hear our brains tell us to stop. Instead, we just keep eating until the plate’s empty, and then we feel like we’re going to pop unless we unbutton our jeans. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable after you eat; if you do, then you’re eating portions that are too big.


No More Excuses


Prepping meals can be a challenge, but with Sensible Meals, all of the prep work is done for you! Even if you’re running around like crazy, wondering how you’ll get it all done, you can drive straight past that drive-thru on the way home. You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to cook, what you need to buy at the store, or how long it will take because all of your meals are ready-to-go in just minutes! All you need to do is put it in the microwave. 


Choosing Sensible Meals is as simple as knowing what to shout out at a Saint’s game (WHO DAT?!). You can’t beat the convenience of meal prep delivery to your front door for only $15, or free local pickup in Metairie!


What are you waiting for, Metairie?


When you’re ready to order your meals click here to get started and decide if you want to pick up your 15 fantastic meals or have them delivered.   To learn more about the plan, click here, or check out this article titled Faces of New Orleans - Weightloss,  from New Orleans Magazine.  


Plus, look at all of the awesome awards Sensible Meals has received -- for Best Meal Prep Company, Best Weight Loss Program, Best Healthy Meals, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana.   Ready to be inspired? Take a look at what others have to say about how the plan helped them overcome numerous obstacles, from weight gain to health issues to decreased energy, and even depression.


Get ready to live the healthy life that you deserve.


Eat Fit.  Eat Right.  Eat Sensible Meals.


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