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Okay, so if you’re trying to eat healthy in Baton Rouge, there’s no denying you have a real challenge on your hands. There are a lot of temptations around; there’s Louisiana cooking, cajun seasoning, and let’s not even get started on the fact that it’s home to Tiger Stadium, affectionately (yes, affectionately) known as Death Valley, and those infamous LSU games.  “Tailgating” and “football” (can you say ‘stadium food?’) are gospel here, and they are terms that don’t usually go hand in hand with “trim.”   If you are interested in our meal prep services: Click Here To View Our Products

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The Louisiana capital is the second-largest city in the state, and since its founding in 1719, it’s been known for its breathtaking views of the powerful Mississippi River, which also makes it a major port city. Although tourists flock to this bustling city to see famous historical landmarks like the Old Governor’s Mansion (formerly called “Louisiana’s White House”),  the LSU Memorial Tower, and of course, the Louisiana State Capitol, they also come to Baton Rouge to take part in its dynamic food scene. 


If you live or plan to pay a visit to the capital city, then you certainly won’t run out of ways to pass the time. There’s always something to do, and we are all swamped with our everyday lives, filling the week with work and the weekends with play (and football). After such a full schedule, cooking tends to take a backseat.

There’s a better, healthier, and more convenient option in Baton Rouge, LA.


Sensible Meals features four different meal plans, each catered to match a different combination of needs and goals. For example, if you eat a gluten-free diet or have issues with dairy, our paleo plans offer a great solution! If you are a woman who has reached your healthy weight and want a good maintenance program, then our double protein plan is an excellent choice. 


We know what works, that’s why we’re the largest meal prep service in the US, and we’re based in southern Louisiana, so we get how hard it is to stick to a healthy meal plan when you’re surrounded by amazing food. We also get that life is busy, so we offer shipping for just $15, or free pickup in Baton Rouge, so you can have your meals at the ready.


You Can Keep the Food that You Love to Eat


Here’s one of the best parts, just because you’re eating healthy you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite Louisiana foods! Some of the most popular dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and more, have found their way into our menu. The key is that they are portion-controlled and in line with your health goals.


Pay Attention To Portions


The founder of Sensible Meals, Ingrid Rinck, was still mind-blown at the huge portions people ate every day. Even though she had been eating right and working out most of her life, it wasn’t until she started making meals for her son when he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes that she realized just how important portion control was. She decided that people needed a convenient, healthier option, and one that kept portion sizes in check; something that most eateries in America do not do.


It isn’t about giving up the foods that you love to eat, it’s about eating the right amounts of it. It’s also about listening to your body and knowing when to say, enough is enough, and recognize when you don’t need to eat anything else. Starting your meal out with the correct portions makes a big difference because it keeps you from overeating, which keeps you from feeling miserable when you’re done with a meal. Basically, you shouldn’t have to unbutton your pants after you eat!


No Excuses


It’s time to kick the excuses to the curb! You probably haven’t used an excuse that hasn’t already been used by everyone who has ever wanted to lose weight but for some reason didn’t try.  Excuse like there’s no time, you’re too tired, you don’t know what to do, and it’s too expensive are very popular, but they are also roadblocks to your success!


Sensible Meals has found a method that shatters all of those excuses. You don’t have to spend time cooking or shopping, the prices are reasonable, especially considering you don’t have to do any grocery shopping for the month, and everything is done for you! All that you have to do is pick up your prepared meals for free (also available in nearby Gonzales), or make it even easier with $15 shipping right to your door! This makes it a no-brainer to give Sensible Meals a try; it’s as easy as choosing who you want to win in the LSU and Bama game (Not today, Saban).


No more waiting, Baton Rouge!


The time to get healthy is right now! Don’t keep putting it off; when you’re ready to get your 15 prepared, healthy meals, whether you opt to pick up in Baton Rouge or have them delivered, click here.   Discover more about the program here, or check out this article from City Social Magazine, titled Healthy Acadiana.  


Sensible Meals has also received many awards including Best Meal Prep Company, Best Weight Loss Program, Best Healthy Meals, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana. Read these inspiring testimonials from people who have tackled challenges like weight gain, low energy, health issues, and even depression.


Start your journey today!


Eat Fit.  Eat Right.  Eat Sensible Meals.


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