Meal Prep Delivery Service in Hammond, LA

Located in Tangipahoa Parish, and only about 60 miles from New Orleans, Hammond offers its residents and visitors an assortment of activities and a bunch of restaurants, which make following a healthy meal plan a little tricky. This Northshore spot began as a railroad town in 1830 when Peter Hammond moved to the area to make products from pine tree resin. He also saw the importance of the railroad for the town’s growth and signed a contract with railroad companies stating that all trains must stop as they passed through the town. At the turn of the 20th century, Hammond found another way to boost growth - strawberries. Today, the Louisiana Strawberry Festival in nearby Ponchatoula attracts hordes of visitors each year. If you are interested in our meal prep services: Click Here To View Our Products

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Plus, Hammond also hosts annual events like the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, where you know healthy food is probably not going to be at the top of the menu (giant turkey leg, anyone?). The town is also home to Southeastern Louisiana University and a host of breweries and restaurants like Gnarly Barley and Red, White, and Brew, making it very easy to go grab a cocktail or two with your buddies. Finally, with all of the different restaurant and bar options, you have to muster every last ounce of your willpower when it comes to overindulging in delicious Louisiana cooking. 


It’s understandable, you work all week, so when the weekend rolls around you’re ready to unwind with family and friends. You might want to go dancing or play some pool at one of the local hot spots, or maybe just take it easy and catch a movie, but you definitely don’t want to waste time cooking.


There’s a better, healthier, and more convenient option in Hammond, LA.


There’s good news, Sensible Meals gives you the option to pick up meals in the Hammond area, or have them shipped straight to your door for $15. You’ll have access to amazing, portion-controlled meals that are pre-packaged and can be warmed up in minutes.


Sensible Meals was founded by Ingrid Rinck, a fitness trainer for more than 20 years who knew people needed a better option when it came to healthy meal plans. We’re all just so busy that often our health tends to take a backseat to all of the other obligations that we face. Based in southern Louisiana, our meals are designed by people who understand the challenges of eating healthy in a place where fried food and delicious spices and sauces are kings. Plus, there are four different meal plans to choose from so that you can pick the one that is right for your unique goals. 


If you have special dietary restrictions, for example, you can’t eat dairy, or you follow a gluten-free diet, give our paleo plans a try! They are super clean eating programs that are sugar-free, dairy-free, and glute-free. 


Don’t Give Up the Food that You; Just Watch Your Portions


When Ingrid’s son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, she started making meals for him and realized just how huge a factor portion sizes were in a person’s diet. Even though she had been working out and eating the right foods for most of her life, this was a turning moment for her - we are eating way more than our bodies need, and a lot of times we don’t even realize it. 


She focused on offering meals that were portion-controlled, but could still contain the Louisiana favorites that people love like Jambalaya, gumbo, and chicken and waffles. It’s not about cutting out your favorite foods, it’s just about adjusting the quantity that you eat. Sensible Meals carefully designs well-balanced, portion-controlled meals that take the guesswork out of how much you should eat.


No More Excuses


Aren’t you tired of making excuses? It’s time to stop getting in your own way. Sensible Meals is here to help you conquer all of your excuses, you know the ones, things like no more time and no more energy. The ironic thing is, if you ate healthier foods most of the time, you would have more energy. Our plan keeps things super simple so you can squash those excuses. We prepare and package healthy meals for you, meaning you don’t have to cook, shop, or count calories. You can be sure that your body is getting exactly what it needs without having to measure or think about the food, you just get to eat and enjoy! You can even bring them with you to work, so no more fast food lunch breaks! 


For just $15 you can have your meals sent right to your door, or opt for free local pickup in Hammond. When we make things this simple,  trying Sensible Meals is as easy as finding someone dressed as a pirate at the Renaissance Fest.


Time to get started, Hammond!


Get ready to order 15 fresh, healthy meals and have them shipped straight to your door, or take advantage of free pickup in Hammond, by clicking here.   Do you want to learn more? Click here, or check out City Social Magazine’s article, titled Healthy Acadiana.  


Sensible Meals has been honored with several awards including Best Meal Prep Company, Best Healthy Meals, Best Weight Loss Program, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana. You can also learn how Sensible Meals has helped others battle weight gain, health issues, low energy, depression, and more here.


Tackle the excuses and tackle the weight!


Eat Fit.  Eat Right.  Eat Sensible Meals.


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