Meal Prep Delivery Service in El Paso, TX

If you’re trying to eat healthy, Sensible Meals offers prepared meals delivered in El Paso, Texas, so eating right becomes convenient and easy to do! Learn more about our meal prep services: Click Here To View Our Products


Based in southern Louisiana, Sensible Meals is the largest meal delivery service in the United States. Since we started in a state that is known for deep-fried goodness and mouth-watering food, we get that it’s not easy to always eat in a healthy way. It’s always easier when you have help, so we’ve decided to offer our services to other states, and now we’re offering El Paso meal prep services. 

Proudly Serving The El Paso Texas Area

Our plan works because we deliver your food straight to you. El Paso meal delivery brings you food that is ready-to-go, perfectly-portioned, and tasty, for only $15 shipping. Convenience and carefully crafted meals are what make our plan so effective. You just need to put them in the microwave, and you’re ready to eat!


We offer several plans including signature meals, double protein, single paleo, and double paleo, thoughtfully designed to meet a number of specific dietary requirements, training programs, and weight-loss goals. Following a gluten-free diet, or have certain food intolerances? Our paleo plans, which are sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, have you covered.


Meals Delivery in El Paso

Running alongside the flowing Rio Grande you’ll find the 3rd-fastest growing city in the nation, El Paso. Located in the far western part of Texas, El Paso has a population of about 683,000, making it the 22nd largest city in the USA, and it continues to grow. This city might serve up a different vibe from its big-city counterparts, like San Antonio and Dallas, but it’s a vibe that has continued to attract an increasing number of visitors over the past five years and counting. 


Situated right on the border between Mexico and the United States, El Paso is a veritable melting pot of Mexican and American culture. The El Paso Museum of Art gives a testament to both with its fabulous exhibits, like Mexican colonial art dating back to the 1700s and American pieces dating back to the 19th century. If you’re looking for a little adventure, you can spend your day exploring along the “Big River” (Rio Grande), or hiking and climbing rocks at Hueco Tanks State Park. El Paso is also a great spot for a number of recreational activities like golf and mountain biking, and the Parks and Recreation Department manages two sports centers as well as over 100 fields for all ages. 


It’s a good thing that there are so many ways to stay active because no matter how you choose to spend your day you’re sure to find multiple opportunities to dine on authentic Mexican cuisine, good old Texas barbecue, and many other fantastic food options. When you’re faced with such delicious meals, it can be hard to stay on a healthy track when it comes to your eating. The perfect solution is prepared meals delivered straight to your door! 


You Can Eat What You Love When It’s the Right Portions

There’s no reason to stop eating the foods that you love; you’d never stick to a meal plan. Ingrid Rinck, Sensible Meals’ founder, and a fitness trainer for over 20 years, realized that it wasn’t about depriving yourself of the foods you love, it was about watching your portions. When her son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, she realized just how large a role portions play in weight-loss when she began preparing all of her son’s meals. She realized that there was an easier way to eat the right portions and decided to do something about it.


It’s understandable why it’s so hard to think about the right portions in America. We love food and lots of it; everything you order at a restaurant could feed five of you.  We start to get used to big portions and think it’s normal to eat that way all of the time, but really, is it normal to feel like your jeans are going to pop after every meal? It shouldn’t feel that way!


Quit the Excuses


We know you’re busy; running from one activity to the next, handling long to-do lists, and not enough time in the day to do it all, but fast food isn’t the only answer. Sensible Meals provides you with correctly-portioned, nutrient-rich meals that are pre-packaged and ready-to-eat in minutes. You don’t have to cook, or even go to the grocery store, we do all the work for you! 


When you see how easy meal prep delivery in El Paso works, and that you can get your meals delivered for only $15, the decision to use Sensible Meals is as easy as choosing to wear a life jacket if you’re thinking about traveling on the Rio Grande.


Get Ready, El Paso!


Ready to order your 15 El Paso prepared meals and get healthy? Just click here to get started, or read more about the program here. For more information, check out this article from New Orleans Magazine, titled Faces of New Orleans - Weightloss.  


Want to see even more? Check out the testimonials from people who have tried Sensible Meals and battled weight gain, depression, and other health problems. We’ve also been honored with several awards, including Best Weight Loss Program, Best Meal Prep Company, Best Healthy Meals, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana.   


Try it today! All you have to lose is weight!


Eat Fit.  Eat Right.  Eat Sensible Meals.


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