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Are you looking for an effective meal plan in Westwego? This New Orleans suburb was founded in 1870 by the Texas and Pacific Railroad, it started as a railroad yard and docks on the Mississippi River. It is believed to have gotten its name from all of the travelers that passed through the city during the gold rush of the late 1800s, making their way westward and saying “West we go.” Area favorites like Bayou Segnette State Park, Ultimate Swamp Adventures, and taking a Cajun Critter Swamp Tour encourage a lot of times outdoors, but nearby attractions like Long Vue House and Gardens and the world-famous French Quarter in New Orleans provide a whole different experience if you prefer less wildlife. However, no matter what type of outing it is you’re looking for, you can bet that there will always be food.  If you are interested in our meal prep services: Click Here To View Our Products


Pick up at 63631 Old US Hwy 11, Pearl River, LA 70452 Sunday 2:00 - 3:00pm

Let's face it, anywhere that’s part of New Orleans is all about good food and enjoying life.  You don’t have to go far to find whatever your taste buds might be craving, so that can make it pretty hard to make healthy choices. Between delicious Louisiana food, Saints tailgating parties, gourmet cocktails, and seafood galore, it’s tempting to throw healthy eating out of the window. To add fuel to the fire, everyone is so busy; you probably work all week, and then fill your weekends with football, fun, and spending time with family and friends.  All of these activities leave little time for cooking, especially in the way you know you should cook if you want to eat healthily.


There’s a healthier, more convenient way to get healthy in Westwego, LA.


Luckily for you, Sensible Meals offers delicious, portion-controlled meals through a convenient pickup option in the Westwego area or delivery right to your doorstep for just $15.  All of the meals are individually packaged and easy to heat up when you’re ready to eat!


Sensible Meals is based in southern Louisiana and it is the largest meal prep service in the US, making eating healthy in a place that is known for fried foods and a host of other delectable treats a much easier pill to swallow.


Don’t Give Up the Food that You Love to Eat


When you embark on a healthy eating plan, it’s important to still enjoy the foods that you love. You just need to make sure that you indulge in moderation and that your meals are the correct portions. Some New Orleans favorites like jambalaya and gumbo can even be found in our dishes because we know you need to eat what you like if you are going to stick to a plan. 


Ingrid Rinck is the founder of Sensible Meals, and she is used to living a healthy lifestyle. She’s been a fitness trainer for over 20 years and has worked out and eaten right for most of her life. However, she is still amazed at the crazy portions that are out there and realized that people need to put more emphasis on how much they are eating, possibly even more than what they are eating. She particularly saw how vital portion sizes were when he started making meals for her son with Type I Diabetes.   America’s obsession with supersizing everything is creating a very unhealthy problem. 


The upside is that Ingrid realized you don’t have to stop eating the foods that make you smile, you just have to be more aware of the quantities that you eat. Quite often people are eating just to eat, or they keep eating even after they feel full, packing on way too many extra calories. When you are finished eating you aren’t supposed to feel bloated and miserable, and yet so many people eat until they feel this way! That’s crazy! Instead, you need to listen to your body’s cues that tell you that’s enough!


No excuses


It’s a given that life is busy, and your schedule is so full that you can’t even fathom cooking or grocery shopping. You tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow, and then the next day, until you just give up altogether, convincing yourself that you’re too tired, have too much to do, or maybe you’ve worked so hard that you justify having a special treat or that extra helping of dessert at dinner. Sensible Meals strives to bust through all of those excuses, by preparing high-quality meals that you can have at the ready. 


Plus, it gets even easier with meal prep and delivery to your door for only $15, or free local pickup in Westwego. Deciding to try Sensible Meals is as easy as choosing what colors to wear to the next Saints game (black and gold never looked so good)! 


Are you ready, Westwego?


When you’re ready to order your 15 meals for pick up or delivery in Westwego, click here.   If you’d like to learn more about the plan, click here, or take a few seconds to read this New Orleans Magazine article, titled Faces of New Orleans - Weightloss.  


Need more? Sensible Meals has won numerous awards -- for Best Healthy Meals, Best Meal Prep Company, Best Weight Loss Program, and even The Face of Weight Loss in Louisiana.   You can also read testimonials from others who have lost weight on the program and also those who have overcome health issues, decreased energy, and even depression here.


Don’t wait another minute; you deserve to be healthy today!


Eat Fit.  Eat Right.  Eat Sensible Meals.


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