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Whether you’re a man who needs to lose weight or a woman who wants to maintain your current weight, if you want to adopt an eating plan that stresses the ultimate in clean-eating, then our Sensible Meals Double Paleo Meal Plan is a great option for you! This plan is also an excellent choice for men or women that deal with certain food intolerances or sensitivities, for example, issues with gluten intolerance, or dairy intolerance or lactose intolerance. Paleo plans, and diets like the Keto Diet, focus on eating foods that are unprocessed and eliminate high-carb food like pasta and bread. You may have heard of diets like this referred to as “the caveman diet,” because they encourage you to eat foods that would have been eaten by our ancestors; unprocessed meats, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, and nuts and seeds. 


It’s obvious that if you eat a lot of junk, then you probably won’t feel too hot. All too often, we chow down on foods that not only add a lot of extra pounds but also significantly diminish our quality of life. Sometimes, we don’t know why we feel as bad as we do, and never stop to think that the foods we are eating could be the culprit! For example, if you have a gluten intolerance, every time you eat a food that contains gluten you may start to feel tired, get headaches, feel bloated, or any other combination of symptoms. However, you may not even realize you are gluten intolerant. When that happens, the food that is irritating your gut irritates it more, and it’s not something that you can put a bandaid on.  Damage like that can take weeks or even months to reverse within your body. That’s why it’s so important to figure out exactly which foods have which effect on your body, so you don’t have a lot of adverse effects for months or years to come. Adopting an eating plan that stresses clean eating combined with keeping an active food journal can help lead to figuring out which foods are causing you certain issues.


Convenient and Simple


Sensible Meals is a meal prep delivery system that makes eating healthy a breeze. Even diets that normally can take some extra thought and consideration, like Paleo and Keto diets, are incredibly simple to follow when you opt for our plan. The Double Paleo Plan is also a wonderful choice for people that have specific dietary needs or restrictions since it is gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. 


You’ll enjoy a variety of dishes like our Breakfast Burger, which is one of our Keto items; a beef burger topped with a fried egg and bacon and served with sweet potatoes, or try delicious grilled Italian chicken topped with slow-roasted marinara and served with roasted broccoli.  Every Paleo meal is thoughtfully designed by professionals that consider the needs of your body and how you can lose weight in a safe, healthy manner. You can relax knowing that you’ll get foods that are completely unprocessed and fresh, and cooked by award-winning chefs in our huge state-of-the-art kitchen that has positively and consistently passed all food inspections with flying colors. You can fuel your body with the confidence that you’re getting exactly what you need while adhering to your preferred eating plan.


Sticking to the plan is no problem because we’ve made it super convenient; you’re busy, we get it! The Sensible Meals system is simple, just order meal prep online, pick up your meals (or get them shipped to your door), and ta-da, pre-packaged meals just for you, no cooking required! There are no preservatives in any of our meals, so just put them straight into your freezer, and then pop one in the microwave when you are ready to eat!  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


How Does It Work?


The Double Paleo Meal plan averages approximately 1,500 calories per day and you get everything that you need for just $120/week. 


You’ll feel full and satisfied after eating our meals because they’re all well-balanced with the best ratio of protein and good carbs, like vegetables and sweet potatoes. Our meals are curated with optimal nutrition in mind, so you can get everything you need to look and feel your best, plus have more energy to tackle the day!  15 meals are included in a weekly plan, which accounts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Monday through Friday. Weekends and snacks are up to you, but it’s easy to make the right choices once you see how easy it is to cut the wrong things out of your diet.


The average male has a daily calorie need of roughly 2,000 calories just to meet the requirements of basic body function and achieve the necessary energy to get through the day. 


What we do with our Double Paleo Meal Plan is place your daily calorie goal at an average of 1,500 calories so that you have a deficit of 500 calories. Therefore,  your body needs to access your stored fat to meet its energy needs.


The average amount of daily calories for a female is roughly 1,500,  which makes the Double Paleo Plan a great maintenance program! Watch our video for more information! 


What Are You Waiting For?!


Sensible Meals has made it easy for you to eat healthily and stick with it! If you’re ready to make the change, then get started today! We are here to help and answer any questions that you may have about our program! Reach out to us on social media anytime between 9 AM and 9 PM CST for live assistance! It’s easier than you think to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Sensible Meals has got you covered; you’ve got nothing to lose, but the weight!