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Our Sensible Meals Signature Meal Plan is an excellent choice for women who want to lose weight while enjoying first-class, delicious chef-prepared meals! We know life gets busy; between juggling work, family, home, and your social life, you may feel like you have little time left to devote to your own self-care. You’re exhausted, but you know you have to eat; suddenly, those fast-food signs and drive-thru lanes look super-convenient. The only problem is you regret eating it as soon as you take the first bite.  This is because you know what you should be eating to feel your best.


Not only does eating unhealthy foods add unwanted pounds to your waistline, but they also affect you in many other ways. When you eat a bunch of foods that are overly processed, high in saturated and trans fats, and have loads of preservatives and who knows what else added to them, you start to feel worn down, depressed, and pretty miserable (which isn’t much fun for you or the people around you). This is because that saying we’ve all heard our whole lives is true, “You are what you eat.” Therefore, if you fill your body with junk, you’re pretty much going to feel like garbage. On the other hand, if you eat clean, nutrient-rich, healthy foods, you’re going to feel amazing! 


Convenient and Simple


With Sensible Meals, our meal prep delivery system makes it easy for you to follow a plan and stick to it. The key is convenience and delicious tasting foods all wrapped up in one ready-to-eat package. You’ll enjoy a variety of dishes like New Orleans chicken and sausage gumbo, a cheese-filled omelette with turkey sausage, and Salisbury steak with creamy mashed potatoes and sautéed green beans. All of our Signature Meals are carefully created by professionals that know what your body needs to lose weight and feel your best. Plus, we know that it’s tough to go from eating all of the foods you love, to nothing but healthy choices; that’s why we give you a mix of both healthy and fun foods! Bring on the mac and cheese! 


The best part is, you won’t have to prep a thing yourself! We know that convenience is a big factor in the success of any healthy eating plan.  That’s why, with Sensible Meals, all you need to do is order meal prep online, pick up your meals (or have them shipped to you), and you get pre-packaged meals that are prepped and ready to go! You just put the meals straight into your freezer (our foods have no preservatives, so you’ll want to get them into the freezer right away), and when you’re ready to eat, put your meal of choice straight into the microwave for the recommended time. You can even have your meals shipped right to your door! Now, how’s that for easy? 


How Does It Work?


The Signature Meal plan averages approximately 1,000 calories per day and comes with everything that you need for only $100/week. 


Since all of our meals are designed with optimal nutrition and health in mind; each and every dish is portion-controlled and well-balanced with the perfect ratio of different food groups in mind. This ensures that your body gets everything it needs to feel full, satisfied, and ready to power through your day. 


The average female needs approximately 1,500 calories per day just for basic body function and to provide the necessary energy needed for the demands of the day. 


What we do with our Signature Meal Plan is set your daily calorie goal at an average of 1,000 calories, which gives you a deficit of 500 calories (give or take) so that your body needs to access your stored fat in order to get the rest of the energy it needs.  Check out our video for more information! 


If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or you want to maintain your current weight, check out our Double Protein Plan (also the plan of choice for men, who, let’s face it, ladies, get to eat more calories than us because they burn fat more efficiently. Grrr). Ladies, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is always recommended that you first consult with your doctor before starting any diet or meal plan. Remember, our Signature Meal Plan is for those ladies that want to lose weight; once you hit your desired goal you will want to switch over to our Double Protein Plan so that your body continues to get the good nutrition that it needs while maintaining your new weight!


What Are You Waiting For?!


Ready to get started? The best time to begin any weight loss plan is when you have hit rock bottom and have decided, enough is enough! This is when you know you are ready to give it your all, and you will be more likely to stick and stay with the plan. Remember, no one can want it for you; it has to come from you! Have questions? Definitely reach out to us on social media anytime between 9 AM and 9 PM CST for live assistance! The sooner that you say yes to Sensible Meals, the sooner you’ll be on your way to a healthier and happier you!