Shipping FAQs

Sensible Meals Shipping

All credit cards are processed Saturday. Some banks don't post the charges until the following week. Once you have placed your initial order you are subscribed - do not reorder each week. After initial 4 week commitment you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled as a weekly client. Meals canceled before 4 week commitment will be fined $50 cancellation fee.
You must FREEZE all meals immediately after delivery. Meals arrive fresh and chilled not frozen. Ice pack will melt in transit. Meals contain minimal preservatives so you must freeze them immediately to maintain quality. Take meals straight from freezer to microwave - do not thaw - loosen the lid. Heating time vary by microwave - on average heat entrees 2 minutes and breakfast under 60 seconds. (double that for double protein meals) PRO TIP: for a more gourmet experience heat the meals 1/2 time in microwave and finish heating in a lightly oiled skillet on stove! Menu is posted on social media and website every Wednesday evening. Food is guaranteed by FedEx to arrive by Friday night. If you receive food after this time please discard it and contact us on social media immediately 9am - 9pm CST for live assistance.

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